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Pennsylvania Collaborative Practice Members Commit to Promote and Practice
Non-Adversarial Strategies to Resolve Disputes in a Respectful, Fair and Equitable Manner

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The members of the PaCP include independent attorneys who have been trained in collaborative law process. PaCP member attorneys are not affiliated with each other for the joint practice of law unless they are identified as members of the same law firm. No conflicts of interest are imputed between PaCP members who are members of different law offices. Except for those attorneys who are members of the same law firm, PaCP members retain complete autonomy, render professional advice to their respective clients on an individual and separate basis, and are not restricted in referring, handling, or accepting cases, including the representation of an individual where the other party to a dispute is represented by another member of the PaCP. PaCP member attorneys who are affiliated with one another as members of the same law firm may not represent any individual where the other party to the conflict is represented by any other member of their law firm.

The PaCP member attorneys have shared in the cost of this website to provide information to the general public regarding the collaborative law process in PA.