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Pennsylvania Collaborative Practice

A Way to Divorce with Dignity

Collaborative Practice

A Different Way to Resolve Disputes

Collaborative Practice (sometimes called Collaborative Law or Collaborative Divorce) is a way to resolve a family dispute, such as divorce, in a cooperative and respectful manner. Parties and their lawyers participate in direct four-way negotiating sessions where the specialized lawyers provide guidance and legal advice to their clients.

The Collaborative Process begins with the parties identifying their long term goals and best intentions. The group addresses immediate concerns and gathers necessary information. Possible solutions are brainstormed, and mutually acceptable options are selected. Divorce conflict is reduced by the parties' mutual commitment to come to agreement about all the issues in a safe and respectful environment.

The private and confidential Collaborative Process preserves emotional and financial resources squandered in litigious activities. All fees and legal costs are controlled by party agreement. Unlike the resulting anger and bitterness often found in a traditional divorce, family bonds and relationships can be maintained during and after the divorce process.

Commitment to Collaborative Process: